A Guest Blog by Tania Burgess

1. Why did you decide to do the Temple training?
I decided to do the temple training after attending a retreat with Chameli in Vienna. Her approach to inner yoga for yogini women intrigued me and I was changed by the experience without knowing why or how. I really wanted to share this subtle approach with my students and clients.

2. What did you take from the training?
The training changed me because I had experienced a very challenging time with youngest daughter and it reminded me that everything I was doing was perfect, her journey was as it was meant to be and everything was OK, despite the fear, doubt and worry.

3. How did you find the training?
I found the training online in Hong Kong and I decided to travel from Sydney because the Australian dates didn’t suit the school holiday calendar for me.

4. What were some key things you learnt and applied from the training?
The power of the subtle. The power of the simple.

5. Did anything surprise you about the training?
I was surprised at how beautiful and wise the other women were. I felt right at home with all of them, like we had been sisters for life.

6. What were some treasured experiences and insights?
We all have our challenges and each one invites us into the divine to practice honouring, loving and being with what is.

7. If you were to recommend this training to your friend, what would you say?
The training reconnects you with the timeless ease with which life can flow when you are aligned with the feminine. It helps you to shed the conditioning of the masculine – over thinking, planning and strategising and return home to feminine wisdom of being with what is.

8. How has this training informed the way you view feminine leadership?
The training has empowered me to listen to my own heart and head and speak up, take action and empower others to trust themselves and do the same.

9. Describe your Temple.
My temple is quite unique because I don’t advertise it as temple. I include a women’s circle session in every one day retreat I offer and this part is what women love the most. The demographics where I live are a lot of highly educated, senior executives who have sophisticated, accomplished lives and yet some feel an emptiness and disconnection. I use the techniques of temple to help them change that. The location varies, but it always involves time in nature, reconnecting with the sounds, sights and rhythms of Mother Earth.

Tania Burgess
Nourish Yoga and Meditation
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