A Guest Blog by Helena Ambrosia

1. Why did you decide to do the Temple training?
I had stumbled across Chameli and AWI on facebook. Her teachings were like pure medicine for me. I participated in several Sadhanas and they were sinking in deeply, changing me and my life in such profound ways. I was very inspired by Chameli as a leader of women. I knew I could learn a lot from her. I was wanting to get my therapeutic groups up and running again and figured the training would be beneficial. I had no idea about any of it I just knew I had to be there. I actually remember saying that I had no intentions of running a temple but I thought I could apply the teachings to my own work.

2. How did the Temple training benefit you?
The training was amazing but also a little daunting, in the end it opened up a whole new world for me. I learnt so much about myself. It was amazing to be cooperating with a group of strong and powerful women, finding a new way of being together. I was really inspired by the exploration of servant leadership and the idea that a good temple leader always lets the innate intelligence of the circle lead. These teachings have revolutionised my world. I fell in love with Temple and loved attending the temples created by the women participating in the training. It was all held with such reverence, love and honour. I loved the fact that temple is not a talking circle but a practice circle.

I also assisted on Tanya’s training and found it deepened my understanding in ways I just wasn’t ready to grasp the first time around.

3. What has been your experience so far in feminine leadership?
I have been a women’s creative and personal development and healing work shop facilitator for 20 years, and now I am regularly offering temple.

4. Describe your Temple.
Our temple meets roughly every 2 months, consisting of anywhere between 10 to 20 women. We practice in the Quiet Cone, an incredible purpose-built round space for deepening connection to the earth and the heavens. It is out in nature in Latrobe (Tasmania, Australia).

The topics we focus on are explorations of temple culture, opening, softening, devotion, sacred practice, the body, movement, dance (we always dance) and we always explore respectful touch. We always offer our practice for the greatest good of all and we always honour the earth. We explore the true essence of women supporting each other. We explore the feminine way. We are learning how to rest into each other, to trust ourselves and each other as the living Goddess. We practice creating safety and trust with each other.

I am loving this journey. It is very challenging and remarkably beautiful and rewarding. My commitment to the work deepens as it ripens and I hear the calling more and more clearly.


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