Women’s Temple Group


with SimoneRita Egger 
featuring Annapurna loves me

August 8 – 13, 2022

Stege, Denmark

In this training, you will learn all the how-to’s of facilitating an ongoing Women’s Temple group. You will gain insights into the background theory of women’s group dynamics as well as have the opportunity to practice feminine leadership and to receive constructive feedback.

The learning process is a carefully balanced mix of theory and experiential transformation. Many of the practices are dynamic and interactive (e.g dance, dyads, respectful touch), but we will also spend time in silence and inner contemplation.

To read more about the Women’s Temple practices, go here.

To be certain that this is the right training for you, please make sure that you have some experience with the Awakening Women practices before you attend.

The content of this training is authorized by Awakening Women Institute (AWI) and follows the curriculum developed by Chameli Ardagh.

Topics we will cover include:

How to set and communicate the right intention for the group

How to create a safe and deep framework for the group

The difference between a Temple group and ordinary “support groups”

How to honor the flow of the group as well as keeping the focus and depth

The being/doing dynamic of feminine leadership

Pitfalls of women’s groups

In depth study and background theory of the Temple group practices

and much, much more…

This Training is for women:

Called to embody the feminine & share this exploration in a group of conscious women.

Longing for sacred space for full expression in devotion to truth.

Wanting to explore Feminine Leadership and learn the art of leading a Women’s Temple Group.

Wanting to rejuvenate through deep dive into feminine spiritual practices.

Feeling called to awaken and embody feminine brilliance, for real.

You will leave this training with:

Profound revitalization of body, mind and heart.

Deepened intimacy with all that is sacred, within & around you.

A clear connection to your own feminine essence and inner guidance.

An undeniable sense of being connected with all things.

A deeper sense of purpose in work, relationship and life.

Inner peace, self acceptance and compassion for yourself and others.

Skills to start and sustain a Women’s Temple group.

A firmly claimed seat in both a global and timeless circle of conscious women.

Is This Right for Me?

Although it is not mandatory, it is best if you have a basic understanding of feminine/embodied spiritual practice and if you have attended Women’s Temple before. (You can do a self-study course here. Or go to our home page to find a list of temple groups near you.)

We go deep into direct experience through practice. Although there are plenty of breaks to rest and integrate, this is an intensive. Know that the Shakti-based embodiment practices can open stronger currents of energy in the body than we are used to.

These are not therapeutic programs. If you are in any way feeling unstable psychologically or are going through a severe crisis, we ask you to not join this event.

One of our core practices involves respectful touch. Your boundaries will of course always be respected, but if you feel a strong resistance to touch, this is probably not for you. We practice respectful touch a lot in our circle to bring presence into our bodies and cultivate the capacity to allow more life energy to flow through us.

Practical Information

We have limited space for this event. We will create a waiting list once it is full.


Dates/Times :

The training will start Monday evening, August 8th and end before the lunch break on Saturday, August 13th.

Program price:
Full price ~ 900 €
Early Bird price ~ 750 € by June 27, 2022
Repeater price ~ 450 €
Price does not include food or lodging.

Venue Information :

Anahata Yoga Retreat Center
Rytsebækvej 17, Hjelm
4780 Stege (Denmark)

**All participants in the Training must stay at Anahata.**



Food & lodging are not included in the seminar price and are charged separately (approx. € 105 – 135 € per day, depending on the room category)

We have partial scholarships available for women under 25 and those in need…contact us for details.



Please fill out the application form here.
Once we have received and reviewed your application,
we will confirm your participation.
The transfer of the seminar fee guarantees your seat.

Thank you!


Do you have any questions?
Please contact Marion ml@awakeningwomen.de

Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation before 27 June 2022, we will keep an administration fee of 100 Euro.
Thereafter, the following cancellation policy applies:

25% of the Workshop Fee will be kept in case of cancellation until 4 July 2022.
50% of the Workshop Fee will be kept in case of cancellation until 18 July 2022.
There will be no refunds after 18 July 2022.

If a participant is unable to attend, a spare person may attend without surcharge after prior consultation
(minus deposit / administration fee of 100 Euro).

The content of this training is authorized by Awakening Women Institute (AWI)
and follows the curriculum developed by Chameli Ardagh.




The Temple Training has changed me in ways I was not expecting. It connected me with something bigger, with something deeper inside myself and awoke me for a different way of living – more aware, loving, compassionate and in touch with my true essence. Deeply grateful for this retreat.

Francisca Guimaraes ~ Portugal
Health Blogger, Nurse, Naturopath

The temple training is the most precious thing I can recommend to you. It has become a kind of undercurrent for my work, for my whole life. What I’ve learned and experienced here runs like a thread through me. When I assisted the training a year later, I was curious what it would look like behind the scenes. I found exactly what I experienced as a participant: clarity, love, trust, truthfulness. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that!

Hanna Krohn ~ Hamburg, Germany
Health Practitioner for Female Sexuality

My experience at the training has been very rich, deep and allowed me to embody what truly a women`s temple is all about. The teachings were delivered with such focus and clarity, and supported so well with the practices. It almost didn’t feel like learning but living the wisdom. This feels very special. Thank you for creating such a safe and open space for us all to be part of this Sisterhood.

Aslihan Serdaroglu ~ England

Do you have any questions?
Please contact Marion ml@awakeningwomen.de

Meet the Team



About SimoneRita, Awakening Women Teacher

SimoneRita is a wisdom keeper in the Lineage of the Living Goddess. Already as a young woman, she became acquainted with various wisdom teachings, from Toltec Shamanism to Tantric Buddhism, in search of unconditional truth. Since 2007 she has been practicing passionately in women’s circles around the world. Her feminine spiritual practice, anchored in goddess-centered tantric yoga, consists of meditation, dance, movement, chanting, being a mother and a businesswoman.

She is especially appreciated for her knowing of the original instructions from the Great Goddess that lead us home and how to embody that in all aspects of our being, our family, our relationships and our careers.

SimoneRita is the Director of the German Awakening Women’s Wisdom School, works in the Awakening Women Team and is an Awakening Women Teacher. She also teaches the Awakening Women 9 Month Program in Germany besides many other programs.


About Claudia & Beate from Annapurna

In 2018 Beate Gauder & Claudia Seifert created Annapurna loves me – a collective dedicated to shreelicious food and the beauty of deep nourishment. To honor the fruits of mother earth in so many ways is their main value. We love to create Annapurna temple spaces, full of beauty and well-being, mindfulness, sensory fullness and lushness.

We cook vegan delicacies, full of flavors and colors, prepared with ‘joie de vivre’. Delightful food that nourishes the body and the soul.

We are so delighted to enjoy and cherish the delicious gifts of the Scandinavian summer with you.

Beate & Claudia




Do you have any questions?
Please contact Marion ml@awakeningwomen.de

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