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About the Temple Training

The Awakening Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Training teaches you how to facilitate an ongoing Women’s Temple group, with insights into the background theory of women’s group dynamics as well as the opportunity to practice feminine leadership.

You will have an in-depth experience of the groundbreaking Awakening Women approach and of the benefits of being part of a Women’s Temple group.

The learning process is a carefully balanced mix of theory and experiential transformation. Many of the practices are dynamic and interactive (e.g dance, dyads, respectful touch), but we will also spend time in silence and inner contemplation.

You will leave the training with a plan for creating your own group, or if you already are part of one, you will bring back ideas of how you can deepen your practice together. It is even wonderful to come as a group, as the training will give you a common ground of understanding for what you will create together.

To be certain that the training is right for you, please make sure that you have some experience with the Awakening Women practices before you attend (for example, attending an online sadhana).

Topics we cover include:

  • How to set and communicate the right intention for the group

  • How to create a safe and deep framework for the group

  • The difference between a Temple group and ordinary “support groups”

  • How to honor the flow of the group as well as keeping the focus and depth

  • The being/doing dynamic of feminine leadership

  • Pitfalls of women’s groups

  • In depth study and background theory of the Temple group practices

  • and much, much more… 

 This training is for women:

  • Who feel called to embody the feminine and share this exploration in a group of conscious women.

  • Who long for a sacred space where full expression in devotion to truth is possible.

  • Who are ready to lead a women’s group and learn the principles of Women’s Temple and feminine spiritual practice.

The atmosphere of Temple created a space of gentleness and tenderness that was unique. It was soft, allowing, opening, evolutionary. It was a blessing to be in this space of the feminine and divine. In that space I understood the depth and the ancient wisdom of the circle.

The training made me feel capable, gave me a lot of knowledge about how to manage a group, understanding and inspiration. This training is going to change my life and impact me to make the next steps on my path. To live my life close to the heart, to be true to myself and to stand up for the Divine. I’m in deep gratitude to you. And I’m very proud of being a Temple Mama!

Renée Sjernstedt ~ Visby, Sweden

Women’s Temple is a rooted way of being that honors the life we are experiencing right here, right now. By participating in the training, I have increased my appreciation of the beauty around me, including appreciation of my inimitable self. I am learning and recognizing that we are mirrors of each other in our experiences, I am learning I am not alone! In this process, I have stepped into ways of moving beyond judgment, comparison or blame. This emotional support and nurturing, has created the opportunity to make friends from around the globe, and as sisters, we are awakening to a more wholesome way of being. It is vitally our time to do so. 

Shiana Seitz ~ California
Crone, Wise Woman

I enjoyed the training so much. I discovered that no matter what language you speak, if you are present and speak with an open heart, everyone can feel the words…the meaning…the practice. The tools I have learned are not only helpful for leading a temple, they are also amazing support (pillars) for diving deeper into yourself and of becoming more aware of who you truly are. This lovely, gorgeous training helped me to share more of my gifts with the world. Each practice feels like a deep breath. You become more centered and aware. It is like a drop of water expanding when touching and diving into the surface.


Miriam Kalliwoda ~ Berlin
Germany Police Detective and Life Coach

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